Vardeep Petro Chemicals Pvt.Ltd., incorporated in the name of vardeep Trade Links Private Limited, commenced in 2003. Importing Bitumen and Bitumen Emulsion Product and trading the same in India.

For more than a decade, Vardeep has had a long standing tradition of high quality products and excellence in service. We aspire to exceed expectations and align our goals to identify and innovative effective solutions to client needs. It aims to establish an organizational structure to ease communications and quick decision making to become one of the best names in the world of petro chemicals, giving adequate weightage to environment conservation.

Presently operating in 9 states in the country with more than 150 depots. In Tamil Nadu, the plant located at perambalur has a capacity to generate more than 9000 MT of Bitumen.

  • Passion for operational excellence.
  • Zealous of sustainable growth with safe and clean environment.
  • We constantly evolve to discover and streamline our products and services.
  • Adequate investment on research to develop Next Generation Bitumen.
  • Superlative quality of supplies besides being cost effective.
  • Skilled and experienced manpower,working with unquestionable dedication and integrity.
  • Constant and healthy growth of clientele and product line up.
  • Skilful and efficient client serving.
  • Well established distribution network and quick accessibility to ports Excellent Vendor management.
  • Deep knowledge of the market and its recent demand trends.
  • Use of state of art technology and keeping abreast of the developments in the field.
  • Visionary management which is proactive,dynamic and supportive.
  • Produces one of the best quality Bitumen found in the world, which has a Penetration Grade 60/70, tested under stringiest parameter of international testing agencies.
  • National Institute of Technology, Trichy has awarded its Bitumen having the penetration value as 66.
  • All the tests are of very recent origin.

    Bitumen is rampantly used in civil engineering works for:

  • Construction of roads,airport runaway and rail platforms
  • Waterproofing
  • Laying Floorings and linings
  • Developing foundations and damp proof courses
  • Doing joint fillings
  • Manufacturing of paints,electrical products ceramics,paper,felts and much more

We have accomplished clients' expectations and very often,exceed them. A measure of our success lies in the trust endowed on us from our clients, across the country. You will find Vardeep's presence wherever and however Bitumen can play a role. We have carved a niche in this competitive market with our quality, expertise, experience and cutting edge technology. Our systematic and holistic approach to processes,gives us a deep insight into customer requirements, product innovation and most importantly environments.

We are the best because we get the best out of all, more so from crude oil!